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Hair Loss in Singapore

Hair loss is an all too common medical condition in Singapore which affects both males and females. More than 60% of men and 40% of women will experience hair loss within their lifetime. There can be many reasons for hair loss but the result – balding patches, a receding hairline, and rapidly thinning hair, can be distressing.

Treatments in Singapore have so far revolved around lotions, traditional herbs, massages and light based therapy. Unfortunately, most of these are not supported by medical data and work on a one-size-fits-all model.

Hair Loss Treatments

At SKN MediAesthetics, we first identify the various factors contributing to your condition, accurately diagnose the type of hair loss, and then recommend a suitable medical hair loss treatment programme. As a medical clinic, all individual medical hair loss treatments and medications are reviewed continuously by Dr. Alvin Wong. We also work closely with leading pharmacists to ensure that medicines and treatments are tailored to each individual’s problem.

We recognise that your hair loss problem can be slightly different and will tailor a solution for you accordingly. We offer a full-spectrum of hair loss treatments – oral and topical medications, laser therapy, and hair transplantation using the latest technology.  SKN MediAesthetics also works with hair-product specialists in Italy to produce a wide range of prescription hair loss shampoos, conditioners and topical solutions suited to Asian hair loss problems.

A medical consultation with Dr. Alvin is always the best starting point to finding a solution for your hair loss problem. Acting quickly is an important key to successful regrowth. Just like any other medical condition, finding a solution at the first sign of the problem will increase the probability of success.

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