An effective minimally-invasive non-surgical procedure that provides a fresh, rejuvenated, natural look for people with deep wrinkles and droopy skin in the face and neck.

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Special surgical threads with very small sutures are used to lift and support drooping areas of the face. These threads are inserted beneath the skin using a needle and once properly inserted, provide a support structure that lifts and repositions underlying tissue. The end of the thread is then knotted and allowed to retract deep beneath the skin where it cannot be seen.

A visible lift and tautness in the area is then seen.


Most areas of the face and neck where skin can droop. Includes the brow, crows feet, nasolabial folds, and neck lines.


Thread Lifts are very safe, minimally-invasive, non-surgical procedures. The threads themselves are made of material that has been used in the body for years by other medical products, and has been proven safe and effective.

The procedure itself is performed using skin anesthesia only and there is minimal pain and discomfort. Complications rarely occur and are typically easily corrected.


The procedures takes about 1 hour to complete.


Some people will experience bruising and swelling which would typically subside within 3-5 days. In most cases you would be able to wear makeup the next day.


You will see immediate results. The length of the results will vary from patient to patient but the lift effect generally lasts for 3-5 years. Additional threads may be required and can be added as needed.

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