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Lasers are the safest and most effective way to remove tattoos.

Two things happen when a medical laser is used on a tattoo. The pigment in your tattoo will absorb the energy from the laser and break down, and the incredibly fast pulse and energy of the laser will also cause the ink to shatter like a sugar cube breaking apart.

Once the ink is broken down by the laser, the body will respond by moving fluid to the area to help flush away the ink.This however doesn’t happen overnight. Over the next couple of weeks the ink will be flushed away.

A number if sessions are required to have a safe and complete removal without damaging surrounding skin.


During laser tattoo removal the laser operates in short, fraction of a second bursts, targeted only at your tattoo.

Done properly, the laser does not affect surrounding skin. Some discomfort will be felt on the skin but for most people it shouldn’t be any more painful than what they felt while getting the tattoo.


The number of treatment depends on the size, location, depth and color of your tattoo, including depth of ink penetration, age of the tattoo and color intensity.

Most people need between three and six sessions, and will begin seeing results after just one session. Each session will take 30-45 minutes depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo.


A scab will form and this will usually heal within 1-2 weeks


In most cases tattoos are completely removed.

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