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Depending on the problem and severity, a combination of treatments might be used to help alleviate the appearance of dark eye circles, eye bags and ‘panda eyes’. This may be with lasers, Thermage, fillers, and Botox.

We only use non-surgical techniques that help to treat the problem without the long downtime needed by surgery.

It is essential to arrange for an appointment with Dr. Alvin for an examination to help select the best form of treatment for your problem.


There is minimal pain from the treatments, but all patients are offered a topical numbing cream which we can apply to the treatment area 30 minutes before.


This depends on the recommended treatment. In many cases, only one session is required.

A treatment would typically take 30-45 minutes.


The downtime is minimal. Usually not lasting more than 3-5 days and in many cases, such as in Botox treatments, there is no downtime.


The appearance of the dark eye circles will lessen considerably, by as much as 90% in most cases.

Eye bags can also be eliminated, helping to make the eye area less tired looking.

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