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Chemical peels can be used on most parts of the face, neck, and even near the eyes.


Slow or irregular cell turnover causes many common skin problems. Skin damage can take the form of wrinkles, rough blotchy texture, and pigmentation and discoloration of skin.

A chemical peel is a procedure that removes damaged skin and promotes rejuvenation in one of the least invasive ways. Chemical peels contain active ingredients that stimulate the shedding of the top layer of the epidermis. When dead and damaged skin cells are removed, a new layer of skin is produced giving an appearance of younger healthier skin.

Peels come in different strengths and in all cases, clients will notice an improved appearance and vitality of skin.


When administered properly chemical peels are very safe.

The procedure is also well tolerated by patients with no need for skin anaesthesia.


Most people will require 3-5 sessions.

Each session might be progressive in terms of strength, and will take 30-45 minutes per session.


Your skin will be given a youthful glow. It is not uncommon for people to notice the difference and compliment it.

Redness, if any, will disappear before the end of the day.


Chemical peels provide the following benefits for the face:

The smoothing of fine lines, a reduction in sebum overproduction and acne breakouts, the fading of age spots and other pigmentation, and smoother healthier and brighter skin.

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