A quick, safe, and effective form of exfoliation for all skin types with no downtime and very little discomfort.

For more youthful, softer, smoother, brighter, and clearer skin.

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Diamond peels can be used on most parts of the body including the upper back, chest and breast area, and stretch marks over the abdomen and thighs.


Approximately every 28 days we create a new layer of skin. As new cells form they push their way to the top and dead and damaged cells settle onto the skin’s surface. The accumulation of these cells can cause enlarged pores, clogged pores, a bumpy uneven texture, and a dull appearance. This layer is normally removed naturally by the body but as we age this process slows down leading to the appearance of older skin with less radiance.

With diamond peels, a gentle exfoliation is performed with a diamond tip passing over the skin’s surface with a gentle vacuum. This treatment exfoliates approximately 20-25 microns of dead skin cells of the outermost layer (stratum corneum) of the skin’s surface. Once removed it promotes new skin growth.


This treatment is safe.

There is no downtime and this treatment is well tolerated with no need for skin anaesthesia.


For most people 5 sessions are recommended.

Treatments are performed every 2-4 weeks and each session will take 30-45 minutes.


Skin may appear slightly flushed and this generally fades in as little as 2 hours.


Results are noticeable.

Diamond peels provide the following benefits: the smoothing of body wrinkles, dull skin, the fading of age spots and other pigmentation and an overall smoother, healthier and brighter texture. The appearance of stretch marks also improves.

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