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Especially popular with ladies who would like to ‘fill’ out their clothes in a more attractive manner, modestly endowed women are increasingly turning to the option of breasts fillers to improve their body image and achieve an ‘ideal’ figure. Injectable breast fillers can increase the size of breasts by over a cup size, making the bust look larger and fuller with more feminine curves instantly.

Injected breast fillers increase the volume of soft tissue, restoring and enhancing the size, look, and shape of breasts, and creating a more youthful perky shape.

It provides good and long-lasting results without the need for open surgery, implants, and long downtime.


The procedure is relatively simple and safe. Breast fillers used are safely absorbed and passed out of the body over time. The discomfort level is very tolerable, and a local anaesthetic is first used to numb the area being treated before injections.

The doctor will recommend a mammogram and ultrasound of the breasts before the procedure to confirm that the procedure is suitable for you.


A local anaesthetic is used to numb the area being treated before injections.

The next step in the treatment involves a simple series of injections with the filler to augment the breasts and give volume and lift.

For breast shaping, the filler is injected in the crease below the breast and placed under the breast tissue. Scarring at the injection site is often minimal and unnoticeable.


Following the procedure, the treated area may feel tender and sore for a few days. Most people continue their normal daily activities a couple of days post-procedure.


The effects can be very noticeable.
There will be a visible change in volume, contours and lift of the treated area.
Most women will see an increase of 1-cup size or more.

To provide a natural looking bust, or based on your aesthetic requirements, the actual volume of breast filler injected will decided together with Dr. Alvin during consultations

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