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Dr. Alvin Wong
Medical Director



SKN MediAesthetics uses cutting edge FDA approved technology to provide the perfect combination of cosmetic treatments backed by medical science. We provide a complete range of medical aesthetic treatments covering the Face, Body and Hair.

Signature Treatments include:


The Medical Director and managing partner of two busy clinic practices, Dr. Alvin Wong has been in private practice since setting up SKN MediAesthetics, one of the first aesthetics medical facilities in Singapore.

His area of special interest lies in body sculpting procedures, in particular PowerAssisted Liposuction with High-Definition Laser, which he has performed over 300 successful treatments of. ”Becoming slimmer and shapelier is one of the things modern Singaporean women want,” he says.

PowerAssisted Liposuction uses a high-powered laser to melt fat before it is removed from the body. This treatment targets areas that women find difficult to lose bulk from. This includes the belly and side regions which often bulge when sitting down; thick thigh regions which look unflattering in shorter dresses; and flabby upper arm and back regions which can make strap-top wearers self conscious.

Dr. Alvin graduated from the prestigious University College London before receiving his surgical training in London hospitals. He has a Graduate Diploma in Dermatology and has also spent time in New York attached to the plastic and reconstructive surgery department at the renowned Memorial Sloane Kettering Centre. In Singapore, Dr. Alvin has previously worked exclusively in surgical departments, rotating between plastics, A&E, and surgery. While not obligated to, Dr. Alvin chose to stay on in major public hospitals during the SARS crisis and was later recognised for his contributions.

Dr. Alvin has also been involved in surgical research and is a published author of medical papers. He continues to travel regularly to America, Europe and Korea to remain informed of the most advanced techniques in aesthetic medicine, and is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and the Korean Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Alvin credits his success to an early interest in form and design. ”Clients trust me to make them beautiful and because of that, maintaining the ‘artist’ in me is of utmost importance,” he says.

Further expounding his philosophies on aesthetics, he adds, “A good aesthetic doctor is a 70 percent trained aesthetician and 30 percent artist. Like how two artists would paint two different paintings, a client would get different results from different doctors. The ‘artist’ in the doctor is what separates a great result from the rest.”

Dr. Alvin is married to another medical doctor and is a father of three young children.

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