A minimally invasive body sculpting treatment to permanently destroy and remove fat cells in problem areas such as the abdomen, sides, thighs, and arms.








Through a minimally-invasive technique, a very thin tube containing a laser fibre is inserted into the treatment area through a small incision.


The laser fibre delivers thermal energy directly to fat cells and disrupts the fatty tissue which is then removed with gentle suction. At the same time, the skin around the treatment area begins to tighten contributing to a smoother overall shape.


Power Assisted Liposuction with High-Definition Laser is usually performed with mild sedation for greater comfort.

The best candidates for the procedure are women and men who are not obese and have tried exercise and dieting, but still have accumulated fat deposits—such as love handles, flabby upper arms, fat on the lower body, and even excess neck or facial fat.


Suitability is determined based on strict guidelines, current condition, medical history, and aesthetic goals and expectations. Dr. Alvin Wong will review both the benefits and the risks, together with all available options with you during a consultation. This consultation is necessary and will provide you with the best possible personalised treatment information and options.

This outpatient treatment is performed in 2-3 hours under mild sedation, and general anaesthesia is not required. There is no hospitalisation needed. Discomfort is managed with a combination of painkillers and mild sedation.


With strict selection criteria, this is a safe treatment that can help shape the body where other treatments might have failed.

Following consultations with Dr. Alvin Wong, a date for the procedure will booked at a later date provided that you are suitable candidate. On the procedure day expect to spend 4-5 hours at the clinic. This includes another consultation with Dr. Alvin, and pre and post-procedure work. A more detailed brief will be given to you before the procedure date.


The procedure itself would take 2-3 hours for a single region.

You will be able to go home after the procedure.

Most of our patients take the next day off to rest, and are able to return to work the following day.

Most people can resume their normal exercise routine between one to two weeks after the procedure.


There are no special post-procedure dietary requirements.


Bruising is minimal and can be covered by clothing in the majority of cases. In most cases a compression garment will need to be worn for a short period to aid in recovery and results.

In many cases, results are visible, with continued improvement over the next 4-6 weeks.

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