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Popular treatment areas include:

• Forehead (Wrinkles and frown-lines)

• Mouth area (Smile-lines)

• Eye area (Crow’s feet)

• Jaw area / Masseters (Large square jaws)

• Neck (Lines)


Botox is a prescription-only medicine that is injected into muscles and used to improve the look of frown lines and the appearance of the jaw area (masseters). It works by temporarily blocking nerve impulses to the injected muscles. This reduces the muscle activity that causes frown lines and wrinkles to form, and a reduction in the size of the muscles causing large-looking square jaws.

SKN MediAesthetics only uses the original Botox by Allergan.


Botox is FDA approved, and has a good safety profile with approximately 11.8 million successful procedures administered in the United States to date. There is minimal pain from the injections, and all patients are offered a topical numbing cream to be applied to the treatment area 30 minutes before injections.

An initial consultation with Dr. Alvin Wong is essential to assess suitability for this treatment.


Just one session is needed for results that conservatively last 4-6 months.

A follow-up at 2-4 weeks is offered. More Botox may be added then as necessary.


Our goal at SKN MediAesthetics is to provide you with long lasting, natural looking results, and as such you will certainly not look “frozen”, or as if you’ve had “work done.” You will still be able to have natural facial expressions, but without the wrinkles.

Some patients may experience minimal redness or swelling at the injection sites that will improve over 1-3 days, but the majority of patients have no downtime at all. You are allowed to wear make-up and resume normal activities immediately after.


Results from Botox for wrinkles and lines are most apparent after 2 weeks, but in some cases improvements begin to be noticeable within 2 days. The best results for square jaw (masseter) reduction is 4-6 weeks after treatment, but improvements begin to be noticeable within 2 weeks.

Each treatment gives results that conservatively last 4-6 months.