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Shapelier, lifted buttocks can be achieved with the use of fillers. Injected fillers increase the volume of soft tissue, restoring and enhancing the size, look, and shape of the buttocks. A more youthful perky shape is possible.

Buttock fillers can provide good and long-lasting results without the need for open surgery, implants, and a long downtime. This procedure is suitable for both men and women.


The procedure is relatively simple and safe. Buttock fillers used are safely absorbed and passed out of the body over time. The discomfort level is very tolerable, and a local anaesthetic is used to numb the area being treated before injections.


A local anaesthetic is used to numb the area before the procedure.

For volume, the next step in the treatment involves injections to augment the buttocks to provide volume and lift.

For buttock shaping, a small incision is made to insert a cannula which channels the filler to above the buttock muscles. Scarring at the injection site is mostly minimal and unnoticeable.


Following the procedure, the treated area may feel tender or sore for a few days.

There will be a visible increase in volume, and a change in contours and lift of the buttocks.

You will be able to sit up immediately, and resume normal exercise a couple of days post-procedure.


The effects are often very visible.

To provide a natural looking posterior, or based on the patient’s aesthetics requirements, the actual volume injected will be decided together with Dr. Alvin during consultations.